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How to write typingMaster A writing test is an important educational tool that will allow you to master the keyboard. Includes several writing tests that can help you increase your writing speed and accuracy. There are also fun games that can be used for practice. TypingMaster typing test is a reliable typewriting tool for beginners and professionals.

Check your typing speed before you do anything else, TypingMaster will ask you to check your typing speed to know how to write correctly. Each writing experiment has a time limit, and users can freely choose the number of minutes they want to perform and what part of the writing they want to try. Although users can choose a trial duration, the best time is 1 minute. After the time and object has passed, you can start the test immediately. In addition, the language can also be changed because there are 7 other languages ​​available as well as English. (Function () {(‘preview-app-page-desktop’);}); The test is very simple. Enter the words that appear on the screen as quickly and accurately as possible. When you are done, TypingMaster will display your test results and typing speed. It measures the number of words per minute you can enter, and also includes words and mistakes. Users should be aware that speeding up the test instead of typing cannot produce satisfactory and accurate results because errors affect the results. When it comes to writing speed, there are 5 levels that you can drop in terms of results, which are slow, medium, smooth, fast and professional. After you get the results, you have the opportunity to repeat the test if you think you can do it better, or you can start the exercises to increase your speed and improve your accuracy. 500 typingMaster typing exercises, all divided into different subjects to train and enhance 1 typing skills at a time. For example, the first 14 lessons will help you familiarize yourself with the keyboard, getting used to typing without looking at your fingers. Subsequent lessons include acceleration, practice writing and numerology, marking, and even typing with a numeric keypad. At the bottom of each lesson there are several classes that last for about 10-25 minutes in total. Improve your typing performance Writing typography is easy and easy to use. You can do tests and studies without logging in to users or entering information such as username and age. It also offers some fun ways to improve your writing skills, as well as the lessons you write. Users can participate in fun keyboard games that revise writing lessons with a little bit of action.
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