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The best Winflector software available on the market. This allows the app to be shared easily, quickly, and efficiently online without using computer and Internet resources. The central software server where the programs run allows easy remote access of selected programs via a light client available for Linux and Windows. If you are looking for an alternative to Remote Service Remote Services (Windows Center Services), Citrix XenApp, VNC, etc., Winflector, one of the most powerful invention software, is for you.

Why choose Winflector:

Internet transfer

Transfer your Windows software to the Internet! Applications do not need to be rewritten. You can work with it directly from your HTML5 browser. Applications can be run securely from anywhere using the Web browser. The HTTP server does not need to be installed and configured, it is connected directly to the Winflector server. With Winflector PDF printer, you can even print using a web browser. You can then store or search for created information.


The Winflector program creates a modern central work environment, which is highly recommended for companies with several branches. Intermediate architecture and remote application management ensures low administrative costs, better security, access to updated databases, and unlimited business growth.

The main market ensures consumer processing and database processing. This condition is often referred to as central processing or invention or cloud computing. Both of these approaches have a primary purpose: securely share user usage with current databases wherever needed. Winflector is an integral part of the strategy to achieve this goal.

Multi-user access

Combined Server and Winflector applications can be managed simultaneously by authorized users working at headquarters, branch offices, and outside the company. Almost all machines can be used as a client center to access shared apps. This includes Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iPad, and iPhone devices, among others.

Mobile access

With a dedicated Android client, you can work with your apps from many Android devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.

You can also connect directly to Winflector’s HTTP server from your iPad, iPhone, and many other mobile devices that support HTML5 browser.

The only condition is a network connection.


Optimal use of network bandwidth and server computing power: Winflector uses an effective communication protocol designed to reduce the exchange of data between applications and user devices. At the same time, the response time for the client channel keyboard and mouse input was reduced. Powerful protocol makes Winflector software ideal for use on wide area networks Most users can work with low bandwidth over a network connection at the same time. Compared to your local web connection, the user experience is not greatly reduced or completely unaffected.


Windows seamless integration on the end desktop: the user gets the feeling of working with an internal program, even if the software is running on a remote server. The user is not able to access the desktop of the application server, it is windowsonly software. This solution is recommended for commercial applications as it has improved performance and security. Another advantage is the easy installation and custom update status. Client update does not require access to external servers and is handled by the Winflector server via the same communication center used to access the service remotely.


Competitive pricing, which includes 12 months of technical support and improvements and termination of the RDP protocol (the program does not use Microsoft Center Services or Citrix), makes the Winflector package the most expensive solution on the market. No remote desktop required – only selected applications can be launched