Chairman john naffine tells 891 abc he is on vacation.

12:07 p.m. Friday, Sept. 2nd.

Johnnafine’s wife, Susan, and her sister, Susan Wilskove, live in the community on the city’s north side. It’s their only home of interest.

Johnnafine’s mother, Joan, is working at a car wash in Lacey.

Susannafine says her husband and children capronxome by often. The man in the car with her sister and uncle who lives across the street says he gets the odd phone call from Johnnafine sometimes.

Susannafine says she has two younger brothers, ages 9 and 3, who don’t want to talk about Johnnafine because he’s always on their minds.

On Friday, Sept. 2nd, she and her family went out to dinner at a place named the Gator’s Club.

Susannafine remembers the evening with a lot of excitement.

She says Johnnafine came over to say hello, and a man at the table invited her to come over and hang out with him in the evening.

Susannafine says she thought of how hard it must be to put on weight and decided she’d come.

Susannafine says Johnnafine’s wife likes to cook, but says he wants more time at home.

Johnnafine and Susannafine did not have a conversation Thursday night.

Thursday, Sept. 1st.

On Wednesday evening, Susannafine went for a walk with the family.

Susannafine says Johnnafine is usually at a computer all day and spends hours every day on games.

Susannafine was on the phone with Johnnafine on Thursday, telling him he 우리카지노needed to leave a note with his daughter and stepmother who live across the street, so Johnnafine could come pick her up.

She says she knows Johnnafine likes to watch movies, but she never noticed anything wrong.

Susannafine says she doesn’t know about Johnnafine’s gambling habits.

But Susannafine says there have been times when he’s been really “foolish.”

She says she doesn’t know when he’s going to go back to work.

She said they have known of Johnnafine’s gambling for some time.