Farmers get chance to quiz council over ballarat lands ’cause they’re in need’


Residents of Ballarat are questioning the value of the council’s decision to allocate a slice of their land for a park as part of the state’s Centenary redevelopment.

Premier Jay Weatherill has announced the park — with its distinctive views and small size — as part of a “centenary redevelopment”.

The land will be leased by Centenary Land Developments in partnership with the City of Ballarat and will be open in the summer of 2018, Mr Weatherill announced in the Ballarat City Council meeting.

Community groups say the area is f더킹카지노ar too small to fit into Centenary’s proposed plans.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Management Council (QPWC), which owns the land, said its priority was to ensure residents of the area had an ideal outdoor experience.

“It’s about providing an outstanding facility, a park that will allow for residents to appreciate both nature and its impact on the surrounding community,” spokesman John Stewart said.

“In the short term, this will allow the council to focus on making sure there is a park that meets residents’ needs in the long term.

“In terms of a large-scale redevelopment as it relates to a town like Ballarat, we are committed to this and will continue to work with the council’s leadership to get this work started.

“We expect some of the proposed projects to get bu카지노 사이트ilt around the site and it’s in the plan that that should be considered.

“We have done a very detailed feasibility study in the past for the proposed redevelopment and there has been no issues with anyone’s complaints at all.”

Mr Stewart said the park would provide a safe alternative to other public parks in the area.

“The Park and Wildlife Management Council is committed to working collaboratively with those communities, regardless of whether their needs are physical or virtual,” he said.

Mr Weatherill said his Government would be “taking an important decision” on the development of the Ballarat site.

“Ballarat has been an iconic community and has been associated with both the Queensland Government and Queensland City Council through 더킹카지노the history of the Australian Government from the era of the First World War onwards,” he said.

“Centenary is excited that over three decades of great collaboration and development has led to this landmark redevelopment project.

“This investment is a wonderful opportunity to give people across Ballarat the opportunity to experience a park that will allow them to full