Rebels players want beale back, but not for this role.

“I think that’s where I think we may be going. We don’t need any reinforcements at all,” said Aldridge. “And I think we don’t need any of those guys, really. As much as I want to play in Portland, I’ll definitely stay home here in the Bay Area.”

Aldridge also said that he’d love to play alongside James. He talked about the versatility of his new teammate, but still mentioned how much James wants him to lead the team.

“He’s a special player,” said Aldridge. “He’s a good leader, he’s an awesome player. But, obviously, as I’카지노 사이트ve said, he’s my team member. If I’m not getting my work done in the moment, his leadership is what I need to feel like I’m in control of the team. That’s what we’re gonna have to work on together.”

Aldridge hasn’t played as much in his two-plus seasons in Sacramento, mostly playing smaller than a starter, but he’s not going to be leaving a role behind with a backup point guard being asked to run some of the offense for the Sacramento point guard rotation.

After being traded to Boston, Aldridge found himself more open to the opportunity to sta더킹카지노rt for Team USA and lead one of the premier scoring units of the past two summers. It’s not the same place, though, as he’s no longer surrounded with teammates willing to take the playing time.

“It would be nice for me to be able to play the center positions and be able to help, as well as being able to go and compete and play with the team,” said Aldridge. “We are, obviously, not doing that yet. But if I can get another two years at the point guard position and be able to go and help the team and have some offensive role, I think I can play in that role. That might happen within the next season, but I would love to have that opportunity to go out there and play. I think I could play in a role within the team and help out. For right now, I’d want to make the next camp, so I can be prepared for training camp.”

When asked about how much he’s been watching the game of basketball over the last year since being dealt, Aldridge is very excited for his chance to have his shot to prove himself in his new town. Aldridge said it바카라사이트‘s time for him to prov