Tasman council on bushfires, and said the city’s fire service has “never dealt with a disaster of this scale”.

He added: “This is a disaster that cannot be brushed aside.”

One witness told police they saw a fire engine in flames on우리카지노 an inner Sydney block near St Paul’s hospital.

A Sydney Fire Brigade spokesman told AAP: “We could smell fire from withi바카라사이트n the building, and we were told that it was a fire in an inner-shelter.”

Police cordoned off the scene and an ambulance was parked in the middle of the road, it said.

Earlier in the day police told 7 News they believed the blaze was deliberately set.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that police had found “small chunks” of shrapnel in the front of the building and that a “fire broke out at an exterior storage room”.

media_camera Fires on Sydney’s Inner West. Picture: Ben Rushton, AAP

Another witness, who was not named, said she saw a woman being “smoke-tested” by firemen while on a walk through the city’s inner-city suburbs.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported she heard “a loud bang” and the women walked out of a car parked outside the fire station.

Inspector Mark B바카라사이트rown said the woman was seen carrying a plastic bag with a small metal block in it.

The woman “stood next to the man and he was smoking,” he said.

Fire crews arrived at the building just before 10pm, and at 10.48am a helicopter took off to assess the situation.