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Reg Organer is an application designed to edit, clean and maintain the registry, fix system errors, and improve computer performance. With a detailed search, you can find all the registration keys associated with a particular application. The program helps you edit registry (.reg) files and view their contents directly from Windows Explorer. There is also built-in built-in software, which allows you to completely remove new software from the system. Another set of tasks is important for managers and regular users.

The most important features

Registry editor to view and edit system registry, run registration and code keys, export, import, copy, etc.

Hardware registry device registration can detect many types of registry errors. This includes checking the registry for invalid references to the file, directory, and DLL; deletion of invalid data; check for extensions of old invalid files and other issues. Reg planner can solve many of these registration issues.

The registry search function can find all the keys associated with a particular application and delete them if necessary. This feature can be useful if you are uninstalling uninstalled apps. In this case, clauses may be left on the registry, interfering with the normal operation of other programs. Reg Reg provides more comprehensive search functionality and can often find keys that would not be recognized by other similar programs.

Break down and push the registry: increase the functionality of the registry and therefore the overall performance of your system.

Ability to change most parameters (functions) without a license of Windows. In particular, it can speed up your system by sending system commands to increase cache size or remove unused libraries etc.

Ability to access information on each of the selected registration keys and track changes made to specific keys.

Check the registration files (* .reg) before adding the contents of the system registry. Files can be viewed directly from Windows Explorer. Reg Planner submits the contents of the file in a tree form, allowing you to view all the keys entered in the registry.

Record file edit function, which allows you to edit keys and values, add and delete data in .reg files.

Provides quick access to all programs that start automatically when you shut down or log on to your computer. With the help of Reg Organer, you can inspect, modify or disable these programs.

The Registry Search and Change method provides a variety of options for finding records and converting records that match specified criteria.

Built-in software It can take snapshots before and after installing the software and remove ALL changes made to the system by the software as if it hadn’tnever been installed. In addition, this service can be used to view the changes that are incorporated into each of the hardware and software of the system.

Using the Disk Cleanup utility, you can automatically delete files from your computer’s hard drive and locate and correct inappropriate shortcuts.