Barossa winemaker bob mclean dies

by The Hairy Cauldron

This is a video of our old comrade, Bob Mclean, who passed away this year from complications with heart disease. He made this video to show that the quality of the whiskey at Brouwerij-Cask is always going to have something unique about it.

We had so much fun when we first found Brouwerij-Cask as we were just about to leave when the call came from the old friend. Bob always has had the best spirits. We wanted to celebrate with him. He has left behind an amazing family and friends t카지노 사이트o our great pleasure and our great thanks to all those who have helped us over the years.

Bob was a man of great integrity, great personality and great quality. There are few better men to make a new, old family famous! Bob was a true gentleman and also loved being involved in some of the family’s ventures, including our own.

We just really l바카라사이트ook forward to returning to Brouwerij-Cask and enjoy our many, many months of continued great times. Please take a바카라사이트 moment, take a look around and have a great time. Bob and all the Hairy Caulders family!