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While the NRL is keeping secret the conditions under which a number of the league’s elite players are used to perform a pre-season workout, it has revealed that two players at least will take part.

Lions skipper Steve Matai and his teammates will be doing an extended training regimen with the national side in early June for an upcoming match against Melbourne.

It follows a six-month trial program with the Lions last season that produced the best season ever for the club at the highest level.

The players have now completed one training camp but were told to come back during June for a second.

The Lions were not given further details but confirmed it was another long-term training programme with their Australian opponents.

NRL spokesman Wayne Campbell said all pre-season training with the All Blacks was managed by the club.

“There is ongoing ongoing discussions between the NRL clubs on all areas, on all aspects, including logistics, which I understand will be used again on the All Blacks next weekend to perform our pre-season preparation,” he said.

“This will involve a substantial amount of long days.

“There will be some changes to this and some of the players will start to take part in the training on June 4th, while the rest of us will only train as we normally would this week.

“We would be happy for our players to have that extended period of pre-season with a club which is not only one of the premier rugby nations in the world, and the world, but another premier club as well.”

Lions skipper Steven Matai and his teammates are not expected t카지노 사이트o make any of the team’s final six cuts in the 2014 Rugby League World Cup.

They will now train under the All Blacks’ facilities at Waverley Park before heading into a four-day pre-season programme at the end 더킹카지노of May.

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