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Copyright by KOIN – All rights reserved A boat is seen in front of a sign at Marine Drive on Tuesday, June 25, 2016. (KOIN 6 News) [ – ] Video

KOIN 6 News Staff – SEATTLE (KOIN 6) — A fisherman was rescued from a boat after being held by fish around 1:15 a.m. at Seattle’s Olympic Harbor.

Jodi Young from Portland said she was driving to work when she saw the boat, which had gone down in the water, and called 911. She said she helped rescue the man who was pinned underneath and told him to hold onto 부산 마사지the rope until crews arrived.

The man had some of his face buried in the tuna and water in a spot of blood where his nose had been earlier 슬롯 머신Sunday.

“I did not know that I was going to see him today,” Young SM 카지노said. “That makes me feel special.”

Crew members found another fisherman in the water and pulled him over after spotting a black tuna. When the woman got out of the boat with a pair of clothes, she saw another man standing upright under the water trying to hold onto the rope.

They told the man to let go of the rope and they pulled the man off. Young told KOIN 6 she thought he was going to drown. They did not see any injuries but they sent the man to Harborview Medical Center for observation.

Crew members took the man to Harborview for his physical.

After the fisherman was examined and released to the public, the man was transported to Harborview to undergo an MRI and check for his airway. Crew members also brought him in for a checkup at Harborview and have placed him in a critical condition.

“He can’t breathe,” said Young. “He might not make it today, but if he can he’s pretty critical, so it’s important that we get him stabilized.”

Officials hope the man will be released on Tuesday.