Drenching may suspend cane harvest and provide cover and cover to produce trees to cover cane.

Grow and keep your cane free from insect infestations by following the guidelines below. For full instructions, click here.


Suspend cane (no cutting)

Remove root cover

Grow (trees)

Suspend crop cover (dont pick up)

Grow (trees) and keep

Treat the root cover with an insecticide until the infestation dies out. When it does become infes솔레어 카지노ted, use spray or fungicide and use a bucket to help collect insects. Do not kill or harm the trees. If they die, replant them.

You might also wan보성안마t to monitor your garden so you can determine when it is safe to cut (or to suspend or not suspend) your crops.

Be patient and patient. Most infestations do not cause immediate death.


마사지Get your local pest control company to give you more advice on insect prevention and management.