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“I believe that the real challenge of our world right now is water and resources,” said Muray. “What the technology will make and what we’re going to lose if we don’t find a way to tap that resource is going to affect not only us but everyone.

“If we could bring the water from the rivers into San Diego, our economic development, economic vibrancy, all would be different. People’s livelihoods are going to change.”

The river is also vital for the community’s food and cultural activities. Muray says this project is going to help the city addr평택출장샵ess both environmental issues and business and industrial development.

“For example, it has a tremendous role in how agricultural and industrial food security is developed, and the water infrastructure that is created, what goes into the aquifer and who controls it,” said Muray. “As an example, they need water to grow their wheat. So our project, as the first commercial plant that we’re going to have in San Diego that will produce food, will be able to grow wheat and have the same access that we have to the aquifer.”

The river also has a variety of uses. Muray hopes his work will give the city “one of its most significant assets in terms of public transportation — in terms of people in San Diego who can drive to and from work.”

The project will be built 트럼프 카지노through the University of Southern California.

In addition to Muray, the collaboration is led by the California Science Center, the New England Aquarium, the National Museum of Natural His일산안마 일산출장안마tory, and the University of California, Riverside.