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According to the authors, Keyword Researcher Pro is the only SEO tool to help you find long keywords and create SEO generated content for your site, no Russian support, that’s true, minus, many settings here you will not be able to immediately understand … Lets lets you search on Google AutoComplete and can edit CSV files from Google Keyword Planner and help write enhanced SEO copies.

Is! Have you ever wondered how to get long tail words for your website? When you google it, you may see a small drop-down list that tries to predict what you will write later. For example, when I write an article “How a site works …”, Google recommends:

How a website makes money

How the site works

How a site finds my place

How a website server works

how a website helps businesses

Here are a few keywords. Is! Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to preserve all of these words – how could we add them to the content on our website? A keyword researcher comes in handy here – it’s a simple tool to use search terms. Once activated, it mimics someone using Google Autofill and re-inserts thousands of Google queries. Each time a subsection is inserted, Google tries to predict what the entire clause might be. We just stick to that prediction.

You may not purchase a software license under the hood, but download the free Explorer Explorer, a version that can be distributed with a built-in button / crack is also available, just specify the location on your hard drive where you open the app, then simply launch it and enjoy the results.
Keyword Researcher Pro 13 torrent download
others can buy the key if you want to support the authors. In general, that’s all, I think the software content is clear, you can learn more by working directly with the tools.

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License: ShareWare

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1). Instructions are given as needed.

2). That’s it, it’s over.