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Free Video Uploader Ummy is a video uploader that focuses on media events from YouTube and several other video sharing sites. Files can be downloaded in several file types, including MP4, MP3, MOV, MKV, AVI and FLV. Even when you add more videos to download, your computer will not be exposed to significant stress thanks to this simple function and ({(function ‘preview-application-page-desktop’));}); Ummy is a YouTube downloader that focuses on the most popular multimedia site as well as several other sites like Dailymotion. The interface is easy to use, you can find any video and its download is moved through the original thumbnail file. Earlier versions of this app could not download videos from a site other than YouTube. The current update can download media from several websites, including Dailymotion and RuTube. The application is light and uses minimal system resources when driving. Thanks to this and its simplified design, the video can be downloaded to almost any computer. Interface The interface used by Ummy is extremely easy to navigate and you will quickly find all the functionality you need. As soon as you start the process of downloading videos on Windows, you will see their progress under the program’s main screen. You will find the video upload settings in the drop-down menu below the section to insert a URL link to video. Ummy Resolution can download HD videos when you select the MP4 1080 FullHD setting. When you select the resolution of your video, you also see the file size, a feature that you do not see when using YouTube Premium on your mobile device. File types In addition to resolution and size, you can also select the file type you want to save for media files for later access. It is good if you export video to another device. Among the different file types, you can select MP4, MP3, MOV, FLV, AVI and MKV. Launch the program Because your free video downloader downloads system resources, there are no strict requirements that interfere with your computer because programs like Videoder are hosted there. Unlike this option, there is no multi-threaded reading that would use more resources. However, because download speeds do not speed up, Ummy stores videos at a regular speed from your ISP. The Ummy queue can download multiple videos if they are in the queue. This slows down the video download speed because videos are stored sequentially. This can give you a long list of videos that will keep you waiting for everything to load. The program cannot download a playlist that contains the media you want to record. The only URL recognized by Ummi is that it once belonged to a video that was played. This is a disadvantage that makes the option better. Software provided When you closely update this program, it comes with various other third-party programs that you probably do not want to install. Fortunately, if you carefully install the Ummy installation process, you can avoid these software tools by clearing the boxes. Thumbnails Unlike alternative apps, Ummy defines video thumbnail as a screen for downloading recorded videos and videos. This makes file management a breeze compared to the chaos that occurs when downloading videos from your browser. Options If you prefer a more complete application than Ummy, there is a large selection of optionsavailable. Videoder is a fantastic application for downloading media from various websites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and many others. An add-on can download two videos at a time and has a functional queuing system. Fast Video Downloader is a YouTube downloader that offers great features. The download is fast and you can watch or record videos from an online source when using this app. YTD Video Downloader works with many popular websites, including YouTube. Video can be turned into a program and you can choose what quality you want and be effective Ummy is a fantastic application that is simple, easy and extremely easy to use. All this thanks to the efficient design of the interface and the quality of available features. If you are looking for a Windows video downloader that does not bother you with unnecessary calls, this app is a good choice. The app is updated to support more websites than YouTube and can now download media from Dailymotion and RuTube. With future updates, the program may support more websites.