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Free PDF Maker App Free PDF Editor is a free PDF maker with a really misleading name. The program claims to edit PDF files, but it can only create a new one – it does not allow you to edit PDF files from other sources. Once this is clear, the app works well, but as we say, it is no longer needed. If you want to create or edit PDFs, you have much, much better (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); PDF authoring application, do not edit them. The free PDF editor starts well and provides a small fast download from the program. Then it marks another point – this app doesn’t really need to be installed. It is a standalone download, which means it can be run from an .exe file. This makes it perfect for use on the road or on another computer, as you don’t have to manage administrator privileges, etc., if you want to use it. Implementing this PDF editor Aesthetically, the free PDF editor is very traditional – it looks like an old-fashioned Windows application. It’s true that it took a while to get started, and we finally figured out why. The free PDF editor is not a provider at all! Instead, it’s actually a PDF authoring application, which is a pretty big difference and something very important to achieve. It is very misleading to call this application a editor – you cannot edit previous PDFs. Once you know that, you can create a tool to create your own PDFs. Creating a New PDF When you open a new document in Free PDF Editor (or open a previously created document — it is saved as a .fpe file, not a .pdf file), you can add a number to change the basic operations of the document. You can add text and change the font, size and color. You can also add images in BMP, JPG / JPEG, GIF, PNG, and ICO formats and resize them by dragging the edge of the image. In addition to text and graphics, you can add shapes, such as rectangles, ellipses, and borders, by customizing each by dragging borders or choosing from options. Once all the elements on the page are, you can drag and drop them to move them, and then use the options in the top bar to change the color and other aspects. Save as PDF Once you’ve created a PDF with this free PDF editor, check the main menu options to see what’s available to you. You can edit information that others see in the PDF, such as the author’s name, creation date, and file title. Be careful when you finally want to create a file! Simply saving it will produce a .fpe file that can only be opened in an editor. Instead, scroll to find Create PDF, which creates a sincere pdf file that others can open. Is this free PDF editor good? In general, we cannot ignore the feeling that Free PDF Editor software comes from another era. Sure, finding a free PDF editor can be quite difficult, but this software isn’t. Not only does it not actually edit PDFs, it also doesn’t do its job – create PDFs – on a very modern basis for the modern user. A free PDF editor may have been a great app then. 10 years old, but he no longer cuts it. Not just quite confusing to the problem publisher / creator,a separate PDF creator is no longer needed. There are alternative applications such as PDFescape Free PDF Editor and PDF Editor that allow you to edit PDF files (from any source). Many applications, such as Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and Canva, allow you to create much finer, more professional documents and save them to a PDF file. form. No matter what you need a PDF application for – create, edit, or both – you can do it much better than a free PDF editor..