Jobs at threat as part of cootes transport restructure drive

“It is our belief that we have reached a point where, where we are being asked to make decisions that go against our culture and our ethos,” a senior source in the Transport and Environment department said.

The transport department has been working for some time with Mr Cooper’s Department of Transport, which owns the train line.

The government says it intends to complete the line’s final run by the end of 2017.

But Mr Cooper’s department warned it might have to delay making any decisions until the final stage of the project, a decision which it did not reveal.

The source said it was “not necessarily the time in which to deal”.

The department said it had “made a significant commitment to the people of Coies to get this right”, adding that it had “made commitments for long-term funding and investment” for the project.

But a spokesman for Mr Cooper’s Department of Transport said the decision to delay any new investment for the line was now out of order, and “the Department must now ensure we are moving forward with this importa블랙 잭nt project”.

The government insists it is not giving up on the line.

“This line will remain a key rail investment for the Government and for the wider public bene에그 벳fit,” a spokesman said.

“As we get closer to the final stage of the contract with the Government, we will be launching public consultation on the line’s operation and its funding.”

And, he added, the Government “will continue to lead the transition for the railway.”

The spokesman added that while the Government had “no immediate intention” of rolling back the decision to close the line, it would be “disappointing” if people thought it was now “more of a no go”.

But, he said the company had been “very committed to the project”.

Transport Min바카라 스토리ister Claire Perry said: “It is essential that the train line is restored to its full capacity, in line with the Transport Minister’s vision for Coies station as a world class centre for local train service.

“As a matter of urgency I will be asking the Coies Trains staff for your views as we undertake the planning work that needs to be completed to restore Coies station.”

The project is being led by Mr Cooper’s Department of Transport, with assistance from his state government.

It is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

The Government says the line could be a ke