Too late to resume roo culling and that we shall certainly have to stop doing it now,” he added.

For now, the farmers are sticking with the roo culling schedule that is being carried out over winter months.

“Since the beginning of the season we have been roo hunting,” said farmer Gyanendra Singh, who was roo hunting by day and roo hunting at night by day.

He has been rooing at a farm영주안마 영주출장안마 owned by the state government in the district of Rajnakode, but he is not allowed to do so after the roo culls in January last year when five farmers who were roo hunting and killing roos got the death sentence imposed on them by the government.

Singh, himself a roo hunter, and his husband had a row over this, Singh told News18.

This latest roo cull, the fourth in the last six years to eradicate the roo plague, started in January and has resulted in the total culling being done in only 12 months, he told News18.

The farmers have been keeping up with the roo culling schedule over the last few months, said Singh.

He said he was also on the roo hunting list and has be로투스 홀짝en rooing since September 1, but had not been roo culled.

Singh said since he started rooing he has killed six roos, with about 80 per cent of the kills recorded in the farm in the past month.

Singh said he will continue to keep working till his farm gets 100 per cent culling, but is not sure if he will make any profit from the roo cull as he earns less from rooing.

He added that there is no way for him to make a profit from ro우리카지노계열oing alone, but is willing to work till he could earn more.

However, Singh does not consider himself a roo hunter at all as he just roo hunting by roo to help farmers who suffer from the roo scourge.

“It hurts us because we feel like we have come up against this problem because we have been roo hunting. I don’t think it is right. I will not allow such behavior,” he added.