Lebanon opposition rally draws hundreds of thousands to Beirut

Protesters in the Lebanon City are preparing to mobilize in solidarity with Gaza against Israel

Israel announced it planned to start withdrawing troops from Gaza and the West Bank early Thursday amid the ongoing violence in the region.

In a statement, Israeli Chief of General Staff Benny Gantz said that his troops would begin withdrawing to the border on Thursday morning, starting a process of redeployment that will take around 30 days.

His statement also revealed that Israel will not allow the entry of Israeli citizens to the Gaza Strip, citing the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the territory.

Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip and the international airport, fired rockets into southern Israel and other populated areas of southern Israel on Wednesday night, prompting an emergency response from the Shin Bet Security s에비앙 카지노ervice.

Israel responded with an aerial airstrike against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.

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A large anti-Israel rally in Lebanon City is planned to attract many tens of thousands to the city late Wednesday, local media said.

Demonstrators chanted, “We are Lebanese, not Israel,” and waved banners that read: “Beware, Israel, Beirut is going to be destroyed. Beirut was not built by Israel,” and “Israel is the state that takes the lives of our families in Lebanon.”

Demonstrators also hurled stones, rocks, and other projectiles towards the Israeli defense forces stationed nearby.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the killing of the two Palestinian men in the Lebanese village of Sderot, and called for an international investigation of the incident.

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The Palestinian group, which fights for the establishment of a Palestinian state with eastern Jerusalem as its capital, said it had released a statement condemning the killing of the two Israeli tourists, adding it was in the process of visiting the site of the killing and investigating what had happened.

Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence agency says a rocket fired toward Sderot by Hezbollah was likely intended to target the nearby international airport in the southern Israeli town of Safed. Hamas claimed that two of its armed wingmen were also responsible.

Palestinian media reported that the bodies of the two Israeli victims had been recovered early Thursday from the scene and the bodies of a Palestinian boy had been recovered as well from the scene of the shooting.

Hama카지노s has claimed responsibility for all the attacks in Israel, including three 김천출장샵on the Israeli embassy last week in Jerusalem and an apparent suicide bombing this week in Tel Aviv