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Cooperative Horror Game Phasmophobia is an online cooperative psychological horror game with 4 players from Kinetic Games in which you, as a professional paranormal investigator, have to enter haunted places and attract the ghosts that inhabit them. You can log in on your own or seek help from 1 to 3 team members. Each player will receive hunting equipment to gather as much evidence as possible. Any information you collect can be sold to ghost removal. Phasmophobia game? Phasmophobia offers a new version of asymmetric horror games. As a ghost hunter, you work in various places. It can be in a populated suburb, an isolated cabin, or an abandoned nursing home. You can enter alone or join forces with other players. Whether you play solo or co-op, your task is to enter the location, track down the spirit, and gather evidence from it; There are 12 types of ghosts in this game: them, Iurei, Demon, Shadow, Revenant, Mare, Jinn, Banshee, Poltergeist, Phantom, Wrath and Spirit. Each has its own strength, weakness, and detection method. It is up to you to identify your type before common sense expires; Ghosts will become more active and aggressive over time (function (({(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Their aggressiveness is limitless; ghosts will eventually kill anyone who disturbs their peace. Be sure to recognize which activities are created by the spirit or the game itself. The dark and mysterious atmosphere is the default design of the game. It is not based on frightening you with jumps or things that suddenly appear and come out; How to play Phasmophobia? Phasmophobia in cooperative mode will help you survive longer and play more efficiently. Your team members can help you monitor security footage and motion sensors. They can watch from inside the truck or follow you inside. Although more people inside they will make the spirit hostile, they can save the lives of others; The game uses realistic graphics and sounds to instill fear. players. It also helps that it has a minimal user interface, providing a totally immersive experience that will put everything on the edge of its places. You can also use virtual reality headsets to play games. Phasmophobia is compatible with all virtual reality systems. The game also supports cross-platform and cross-save; You will also need a microphone to play this game, because you will use your real voice to communicate with ghosts, either through the Ouija board or during EVP sessions. Her other hunting gear includes EMF readers, Spirit Boks, thermometers, and night vision cameras. It is important to save the evidence after you have finished recording it. Without proof, you won’t be able to sell it to the media or remove ghosts; A truly addictive and terrifying experience Phasmophobia is one of the scariest horror games available. Its interface creates an incredible experience on any platform. The game itself is dynamic, because you will be in charge of discovering what you are up against. Whether you play this game with friends or alone, a terrifying adventure is definitely waiting for you.