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Football has returned to the virtual streets. Electronic Arts is a FIFA 20 football simulation video game and part 26 of the famous FIFA series. Click to download Game Demo! The highlight of Sweet Street KicksFIFA 20 is a new feature called VOLTA Football, which literally means translation back to Portuguese, and VOLTA football means back to FIFA Old School. FIFA 20 strives to feel more personal and down-to-earth while staying cool with other features available. With VOLTA, you can play 3v3 Rush (without goalkeeper), 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 and Professional Futsal indoors and outdoors in special stadiums around the world. Whether you are at the bottom of Amsterdam, next to London or Tokyo in the rooftop barn, get VOLTA football on their side streets. This is a big change from the traditional 11v11 match. New features make it even cooler to customize the avatar in your game with cute gestures. It doesn’t matter if your male or female avatar can have different types of clothes, hairstyles, tattoos, and festive feelings in the game. You can look great with a variety of VOLTA football options, such as VOLTA Story Mode, VOLTA League online games, create your own team at VOLTA World and watch your favorite teams play on the streets during VOLTA start. FIFA 20 speed is your job (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Better games Since FIFA 20 now focuses on the most intimate matches, the game focuses more on skill and free play in tactical or team games. This new focus brings new changes to football mechanics. The game now has football information that gives the ball better properties: the ball has more time and space, adapts its physics and possibilities unique to it. For better protection, players now have to guide the goalkeeper manually. Non-ball players also really spread on the field. The mechanics of shooting, dribbling and overlapping have been made more realistic. Free kicks and free kicks are provided. Even the TIF Finish FIFA 19 feature has been updated and the window of choice is faster so you do not abuse your high-risk payments. Overall, these improvements will lead to a better experience as FIFA Ball NowFIFA 20s plays a new VOLTA football feature with smaller settings and a focus on more realistic physical conversations in dynamic motion will lead to more beneficial football matches to play with anyone around the world. The repairs are small but very playful. FIFA 20 is very popular among football fans who want to try to get rid of the big leagues occasionally.